US pro star Mila Naniki is back in new, hard hitting intergender action.

This starts as her opponent Eddie says he thinks womens wrestling is soft – mistake number one!

“I think your gut is soft” she replies and the tone is set for this back and forth brawl fest.

Kicks, slaps and punches get exchanged and things get really vicious as the action spills out of the ring and a chair, rallings and a T-shirt are used as weapons.

A choke slam gives Eddie a chance to pin Mila but equally she uses DDTs to floor her opponent.

Eventually, one of the wrestlers starts to get the upper hand and its a hard fought victory in this frantic battle of the sexes!

To find out who wins, scroll past the screengrabs below.


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Eddie vs Mila square up
Things get rough ringside
Back and forth action
The win?
Mila uses the corners to their fullest potential


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NOTE: is not affliated in any way with wrestling promotions seen branded ringside.



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Mila Naniki wins.