A fan of British Saturday afternoon TV wrestling ordered this womens match as a custom and its a cracker!

Wrestled over a number of rounds, the winner is the first to five submissions, as flame haired Inferno takes on fan favourite Lisa King, both wrestling in classic leotards and shimmer tights.

Its Inferno who takes charge from the first bell and she never gives her opponent a chance.

Holds include vicious arm locks – after lots of weakening – and a neck breaker inspired by finishers from Saturday afternoon telly, aswell as a camel clutch, headscissors, a torturous octopus stretch, single leg Boston and a sleeperhold in the ropes.

There is almost zero trash talk, with the focus on Inferno urging her opponent to submit and Lisa’s replies. Although its not always easy for the jobber to give up when the heel has her hand across her mouth!

Grab your favourite snacks, pop open a cold drink and enjoy this old school epic!


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Squeezing for a submission
Lisa’s arm is targeted
What pain looks like
No escape from the octopus


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