British grapplers Inferno and Lisa King return in our latest old school match!

There’s no trash talk, just the sounds of combat inside the squared circle – the first submission wins.

Each wrestler tries to wear the other down with an exchange of side headlock takedowns but both escape thanks to headscissors.

Lisa uses illegal gut punches and a headbutt low blow to get ahead and she seizes on the opportunity a barefoot opponent presents – bending and locking up her ankles and even scratching and tickling the soles of her feet.

Fit Inferno’s best chance comes from handstand headscissors as she traps Lisa in a corner but can she escape a low sitting and long held full Boston crab by Miss King?

Scroll past the photo gallery to find out the winner!

Its more of the best of British grunt ‘n’ groan action from two popular ladies of the ring.


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Lisa King locks onto Inferno
Trying to put Inferno’s fire out
Gymnastics meets pro wrestling
She has bad thoughts on her mind
Barefeet in a pro match – always a bad move!

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Lisa King wins.