We’ve confirmed the line up for not one but two customs shoots in November 2018!

NOV 14

Johnny Hall joins Axa Jay and Lisa King to taping your pro style matches – whether you want all female or intergender.

This will be the last chance to get matches with these three in 2018, so book early!

Axa and Lisa
Johnny Hall in trouble

NOV 30

Lisa King is back joined by favourites from the London wrestling scene – Killpussy and Laken.

From Manchester, there’s pro star Eva and strong woman Raven.

Plus, the women of Ireland’s Max Academy, Kat, Lexi, Siren and Viper!

And, joining the ladies, big, bad Lord Tyrant for your intergender matches.

Eva reaches for the ropes
Lord Tyrant terrifies Lisa

Ring time is limited and our final shoots of the year are always are busiest, so reserve your ring time now by emailing

And, if you have never ordered a custom before, we can answer any questions and help you through the simple process to get your ideas wrestled for real inside the squared circle.


All content (except pic of the Max Girls) (c) 2016-18

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