Here are two debut downloads starring a new heel to enter the ring at – standing at 6 feet tall, it is the intimidating, JET.


Hungarian sweetheart Orsi B wastes no time in charging at her opponent – only to be knocked down flat!

“Call yourself a wrestler!” taunts muscular Jet who picks up Orsi and throws her into the ropes.

The beatdown is on including belly punches, chinlock, clotheslines, corner work, hammerlock, headbutts, headscissors, knees into the mid-section and a single leg Boston crab with thigh claws.

Eventually, exhausted Orsi lays out on the ring canvas pinned by a single figure of the vicious amazon.


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Instant download 8 minutes and 12 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 241 MB

Jet is in charge
The heel thigh claws Orsi in a single leg Boston crab
Don’t mess with the amazon in blue


Orsi’s best friend, the blonde bombshell Nikki sportingly offers her hand to Jet only to be punched in the gut.

A full into single leg Boston crab and camel clutch punish Nikki and we’ve included slow mo replays of these classic holds.

Jet disrepects her opponent throughout, controlling her by her hair – “Wait for me to get up” she order holding a fistful of hair – and bodyscissoring across her chest.

An elevated bearhug finally makes Nikki submit and Jet says she’ll only stop the beatdown if she lies still while she’s pinned.

Nikki agrees and Jet plants her boots across the jobber counting the 1-2-3 to take the win.


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Instant download 5 minutes and 3 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 147 MB

Applying the pain
Nikki’s face says it all
Zero Respect. Maximum victory.

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