Last Chance To Buy – With 20% Off

We’re making way for some new downloads in 2019 and so a number of matches will disappear from the site early in the new year.

So, it is your last chance to buy the matches below – each with 20% off until December 31st. (Your discount will be applied in your shopping cart!)

RAVEN VS REBEL: SCISSORED Two strong and fiercly competitive wrestlers face each other in an all scissors challenge. The action – with body, head and thigh scissors – goes back and forth until one grappler takes control. The exhausted loser can’t wrestle on any further and the victory is decisive! Has Raven met her match? £13. Click here for preview pics and to buy.

GYMNAST VS POWERLIFTER (Inferno vs Krusha) This all scissors match sets out to prove who is strongest – gymnast, Inferno, or powerlifter, Krusha.  Its back and forth action with body, head and thigh scissors locked on, aswell as insults traded. Will flexiblity and wrestling experience beat determination and raw strength? £13. Click here for previews and to buy. 

BELOW THE BELT (Eva vs Toro The Bully) Masked mauler Toro is more than twice the weight of Eva and he demolishes this little jobber. Low blows bring the pain, he uses the ropes to help make his opponent’s eyes water! Belly and thigh claws and a hairpulling camel clutch are among the heel’s other moves. £9. Click here for previews and to buy.

WHAM BAM SPANK YOU MAM! (Amanda vs Allie Parker) Its forfeit time, as these two US pro grapplers wrestle a loser gets spanked match! It doesn’t look good for Allie, as brutal Amanda rakes her eyes, slaps her face and yanks fistfuls of hair. Can the beaten down jobber fight back to take the win and get the ultimate revenge? £12. Click here for previews and to buy.

LISA’S BAD DAY (Lisa King v Toro The Bully) Lisa is seen warming up for a contest with a mystery Japanese wrestler. We cut to later – her match hasn’t gone well, she’s aching and now she has to face the big bully Toro. He takes full advantage of her weakness with belly, brain and thigh claws and three winning splashes and pins! £11. Click here for previews and to buy.

SCISSORED BY A GIANTESS (Chloe Davis vs Lisa King) Lisa is 5’4″ but Chloe is 6’3″ and she proves herself to be a powerhouse wrestler in this debut for us. Its an all scissors clash and the smaller wrestler is in trouble from the very start. Chloe begins with a crushing bodyscissors before moving onto Lisa’s head! £14. Click here for previews and to buy.

AXA VS JOHNNY (Axa Jay vs Johnny Hall) Axa turns up the glamour inside the ring but Johnny couldn’t care less! His wrestling style is brutal, as he ticks off parts of her body as he punishes them. An agonising final hold sees Axa out for the count in this last wrestler standing contest. £10 includes bonus image set. Click here for previews and to buy.  

THE CRUSHING OF JOHNNY LUCHA (Johnny “Lucha” Hall vs Lord Tyrant) Johnny says he is the UK’s number one luchador and challenges man mountain Lord Tyrant – BIG MISTAKE! This is a non stop one sided squash with Johnny eventually unmasked and polishing his Lordship’s boots as a forfeit! £13. Click here for previews and to buy

LORD OF THE BANZAI DROP (Lisa King vs Lord Tyrant) Masked mauler Lord Tyrant returns to face his arch rival, Lisa King. This time he fully uses his weight advantage against his opponent, dishing out multiple splashes, squashes and Banzai drops! Classic mismatched action. £12 Click here for previews and to buy.

All content (c) 2015-18

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