Download – The Jobber Selfies w/ Siren

Previously, having got a kick out of taking selfies with a destroyed opponent, man mountain Lord Tyrant is back for more of the same!

His victim this time is the mismatched Siren – a 5’2″ and 125 lbs pro wrestling rookie.

She says she’s feeling extremely lucky at the start of the match but as Tyrant forces her to stretch for an opening test of strength, followed by the first corner squash, the blonde quickly realises how wrong she’s been.

The masked heel unleashes moves including arm and headlocks, a bearhug, headbutt and full nelson/bodyscissors and as he captures moments on his phone, Siren growls into the camera!

A selfie shared by Lord Tyrant

Tyrant throws and drags the jobber around the ring and its no surprise she ends up sprawled across the canvas allowing him to finally take loads of photos as his prize.

Download to see the one sided action – and the selfies!


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Instant download 8 minutes and 48 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 254 MB

Rookie Siren limbers up
Belly clawed
Locked up by the giant
Down and out

All content (c) 2018-19

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