Two Grappling Gals was one of our most popular downloads in 2018 and now two of Britain’s most in demand wrestlers, glamorous Laken and musclewoman Raven return for a highly anticipated rematch – and it does NOT disappoint!

Brace yourself for back and forth, trash talking action as these two grapple on the ring canvas and focus on crushing scissor holds.

Powerhouse Raven gets the first advantage locking on a bodyscissor but her opponent’s unimpressed, asking “Is that all you’ve got?”

Even when Laken suffers an agonising figure four thigh scissor she still insists she will win, viciously digging in her elbows to escape.

The fit wrestler in purple locks on the first reverse headscissor of the match but its countered by Raven and the two share double thigh scissors, each vying for victory.

One of the grapplers eventually wears down the other winning with not just a run of figure four headscissors but also a long held bodyscissor.



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Instant download 16 minutes and 08 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 475 MB

Two of Britain’s best grapple for supremacy
“Is that all you’ve got?” taunts Laken
Attacking Raven’s ribs
Crushing close up!
Who has the strongest thigh scissor?

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Raven wins.