We asked followers on our Twitter account @pmixedwrestling to choose which hold our second compilation should focus on and the winner by far was scissors!

So, here is a ‘best of’ set of clips taken from six all womens matches and featuring body scissors, figure four, reverse, side and sitting headscissors.

The featured downloads are:

OLD SCHOOL 4 – Inferno locks a powerful sitting headscissor on Lisa King.
SCISSORED SPICE – Raven taunts Spice as she punishes her in long held figure four headscissor.
NEVER UPSET INA BLACK – The figure four is also Ina’s favourite as the powerhouse clamps onto the much smaller Belle, holding her in place by her hair.
INTERNATIONAL CHALLENGE – Orsi B escapes a headlock down on the canvas with a textbook side headscissor reversal on Lisa.
MAXIMUM SUBMISSIONS 3 – Skilful Brooke Blonde locks a standing headscissor on Raven which transitions into a side and then reverse headscissors.
AMETHYST’S FIRST TIME – Pro rookie Amethyst traps veteran Lisa King in a crushing bodyscissor and front facing headscissor.

Click the titles above to see a full description of each match, photos and a chance to buy.

Enjoy our second action packed compilation!


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Inferno clamps tight onto Lisa King
Figure four hell
International headscissors!
Reverse headscissor reversal by Raven on Brooke Blonde
Amethyst puts the squeeze on Lisa

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