Oh man, where do we start with this one?!!!

Johnny Hall and Lisa King – usually arch enemies – put their past behind them to form a new tag team and their first opponent in a 2 vs 1 match is the glamour girl, Axa Jay.

The glamour girl, Axa Jay

This blonde vs brunettes bout is a 2 out of 3 fall match but because of the handicap if there is no winner after 10 minutes, Axa automatically grabs victory.

And she is off to a great start – albeit thanks to an illegal double low blow on her opponents before the bell rings – Johnny gets tossed out the ring and Lisa’s overpowered, straddled and pinned.

But, the brunettes also know how to fight dirty and throughout the rest of this match, they push the rules to the limit.

Once there’s a tag both wrestlers stay inside the ring, brtually double teaming Axa right up until we hear the ref count to 9!!

Amongst the cheating Johnny headlocks Axa while Lisa jumps off the middle rope to lands an axe blow across her head; there’s a bodyscissor/double ankle lock combo; a legsplitter, two wrestler Boston Crab and the pair lift Axa into a tree of woe and pull the tag rope tight across her feet

Infact bootless Axa’s feet get targeted a lot by the pair including claws and even a bite.

Its inevitable that the solo wrestler, worn down by punches and stomps, will get pinned and Lisa scores a crossbody equaliser after 7 minutes.

But, which side will take victory in this epic match?

To find out scroll past the screengrabs below!


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Double Boston Crab
A Tree of Woe using the corner tag rope
Johnny encourages Axa to submit

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After no 2 fall win after 10 minutes, Axa Jay wins.