Download – Inferno vs London

Here’s a first time match up as the rule breaking Inferno faces pocket rocket London.

The size difference between these two is clear from the opening lock up – the blonde is barly 5’00”, while her opponent measures in at 5’8″!

Inferno – who’s a classic British bad girl, calmly and coldly taunting and trash talking – dominates from the start, locking up London’s arm, head and leg in a sensational first submission attempt!

The heel punishes her opponent in a camel clutch – with fishhook, then fingernails in eyes and finally a straightjacket.

There are standing bow and arrows; a long held single and full Boston Crabs and a brutal figure four headscissor/thumblock.

London’s back is stomped and stood on and her head sent into the turnbuckle and smooshed by a boot!

The final submission comes from a classic hold – a stump puller – and the assault on London’s ankle continues as one of her boots is taken off and her unprotected barefoot is worked over and her ankle stomped.

Let this be a warning, if it were needed, of the power and ruthlessness of fiery Inferno.


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“I don’t even know what this hold is called” admits Inferno but she likes it!
When a figure four headscissor just isn’t enough
Debooted and defeated

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