This latest match in our Old School series sees the ring veteran vs fresh wrestling talent, as Lisa King takes on debuting Silver.

As the newcomer limbers up before the bell, its clear she is fighting with an injured knee but still she matches her opponent in the opening chain wrestling.

But, its not long before Lisa spots her opportunity with that knee and wastes no time in ripping off a protective wrap and uses it to attack the injury.

And its the focus on that knee that makes up a lot of this mostly one sided bout – with attacks and bends across the ropes, kicks, leg and knee drops, single and full Boston Crabs, stepover toe holds and a stretch muffler.

Silver’s best chance comes from a leglock/leg stretch submission attempt of her own but her opponent claws that knee and its over.

The newcomer won’t give up as Lisa gets hit by a whacking boot in the face and almost loses to a leghook pin but breaks out at two thanks to a vicious eye rake.

Mouthy Lisa gives her opponent the nickname of “hoppy” as she starts to limp and at one point escapes the ring after one brutal attack.

The final submission comes from a textbook figure four leglock as Silver repeatedly taps out but her opponent refuses the break the hold.

This match – based on story suggestions from our followers on Twitter @pmixedwrestling – is highly recommended!


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Silver enters the ring clearly suffering with an injured knee
Bad girl Lisa focuses on bringing hurt to Silver’s knee
“Let’s see how you like it” yells Silver
Silver screams in pain as Lisa uses the ropes to attack that knee
The final assault

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