Lisa King is long overdue a win against Johnny Hall and this beatdown on him proves that when a wrestler is on a roll there is no stopping her!

The two rivals square up for a first pin wins match which gives Lisa the chance to make her opponent submit again and again.

There are legit pro holds such as full and single leg (both legs!) Boston Crabs, camel clutch, figure four leglock, leg split, leg drop, lotus lock and STF crossface.

But, she also pays back with dirty tactics like belly punches, a low blow headbutt and she even pinches Johnny’s nipple while he’s trapped in an armlock.

He begs to be pinned but Lisa lifts his arm at 2 – twice – to prolong the punishment. A schoolgirl pin finally seals the win for Lisa King and ends the nightmare for Johnny Hall.


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Johnny’s worst nightmare is happening
Lisa says she is enjoying every second
Dirty tactics add to Johnny’s misery
Stretched out
The winning pin

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