Download – The Jobber Selfies w/ Axa vs Lisa

In this latest installment between two British womens wrestling favourites, we open up on Axa Jay posing for selfies while Lisa King is limbering up.

But as the glamorous grappler tucks her mobile down the top of her leotard its not long before its back out capturing candid shots of her opponent trapped in classic submission holds.

Headscissor selfie
Camel Clutch selfie

As the phone rings while Lisa hangs in an agonising Camel Clutch, Axa answers, explaining away the jobber’s screams as the sound of the radio at work, as she gags her with her hand.

The pouting blonde even uses the time her opponent is trapped in a bodyscissor to apply lipgloss, using her mobile camera as a mirror.

There are selfies taken in holds including an armbar, headscissor, lotus lock, sharpshooter and single leg Boston Crab.

As an exhausted Lisa is held up by the ropes, she is slapped and butt bumped in the belly, as Axa wraps her opponent’s hair round the ropes and uses her lipstick to write “Jobber” on her chest for the final photos!


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Addressing the need to bring pain and look stunning for selfies
The ultimate jobber selfie

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