Stand by for more illegal tags in this 2 vs 1 old school epic!

Lisa King’s tag partner from her last match, Johnny Hall, is unavailable but she agrees to wrestle on in a handicap match vs a masked luchadora tag team.

Ladies and gentlemen – MISS LISA KING
Rainbow and Black – the tag team known as The Checkers

Soon Lisa gets a taste of her own medicine as the dominant mystery wrestlers ignore the ref to tag in and out, double teaming throughout.

One bodyscissors their opponent while the other belly punches and Lisa’s trapped in a full nelson as the second wrestler drives her boot and knee into her stomach.

The luchadoras each take an arm to Irish Whip their opponent into the corner where they deliver double boot attacks.

One supports the other too – helping flip Lisa’s body into a Boston Crab and holding her down in a spladle pin attempt.

These cheats also hairpull and low blow their opponent but remarkably Lisa manages to fight back a few times, even winning a leghook pin.

The tag team equalise after both piling on top of Lisa to win a crucifix pin.

Your money would be on the masked luchadoras to win in this best of three match but don’t rule out the brave solo challenger who will not give up!

To discover who wins – and the identify of the luchadoras – scroll past the photos!


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Pinned down by two opponents
Skirting close to disqualification

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Lisa wins by pinning both luchadoras who are unmasked to reveal Inferno and Raven!