Last time Silver faced Lisa King in old school action it did not end well for the newcomer, as the vicious veteran targeted an injured knee.

6 weeks on from this match, the doctor has cleared Silver to return to the ring for a much anticipated rematch.

Immediately its clear that Silver is out for revenge as she rains down boot and forearm attacks on her opponent sending her crashing to the canvas.

Infact an on target clothesline gives the newcomer the first pin attempt within the first minute.

But, its not long before a pissed off Lisa King fights back – trapping her opponent in a bodyscissor/chinlock combo before keister bumps add to the punishment.

A sidewalk slam gives the veteran the first fall by leghook pin.

Again, Silver comes out fighting and she’s not afraid to fight dirty – using a low blow and driving Lisa’s head into the turnbuckle.

Time for Miss King to go for plan B as she announces “that knee will be mine”!

What follows is a onslaught that will make our doctor shudder including a headbutt to the knee, double toe leglocks, figure four leglock, stepover toe hold and stretch muffler.

Even when Silver attempts to fight back, smacking Lisa across the face, her knee gives way and she collapses to the canvas as her opponent announces “Hoppy is back!”

Can Silver find the strength to overcome Lisa King or will this be her second straight defeat to the veteran?

Scroll past the photos to find out!


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Silver strikes back!
Lisa can’t be beaten down for long
The rulebook is out of the window
Lisa looks to aggrevate an old injury
Seconds before a Keister Bump

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Lisa wins by Boston Crab (full then single leg) submissions!