Here’s new intergender action as powerful Raven faces bully boy Toro in this one fall contest.

The muscle maiden wins an opening test of strength, trapping her opponent in a headscissor as she struggles to lock her arms around his belly.

But, the masked mauler works over her arm and, after a chinlock/hammerlock combo, gets the first chance of a fall by crossbody pin.

Its back and forth as Raven puts her boot to his gut as he returns the attack with added belly punches.

His onslaught continues with painful belly claws and the match starts to turn as Toro takes charge, stepping up attacks to his opponent’s mid section.

Raven occassionally fights back as she uses her nails against the big man and low blows but it only pisses him off even more.

A standing bow and arrow brings her close to a submission and she’s pinned a number of times but always kicks out.

The heel ties his opponent in the ropes for further belly claws and he rains down belly punches as she is trapped in the corner but can the strong woman turn this round?

Scroll past the photos to find out!


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Raven starts strongly
Belly punishment
Working her over
The heel uses the ropes
Before the stomp

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Toro wins by a crucifix crossbody pin.