Its tag team time again except Lisa King has to go solo because her partner Johnny Hall’s car has broken down, hmm???

Hammer and Anvil are the challengers – its Raven and a mystery masked man who, despite a strange Italian accent, seems very familiar!!! (You can see where we are going with this, right?)

Introducing Hammer and Anvil
And, Miss Lisa King

This mixed duo break all the rules with fast tags and loads of double teaming, as you hear the ref Toro attempt to take control.

Raven locks Lisa in full nelsons while the masked man belly punches and even headbutts her mid-section.

There’s a classic leg splitter, headlock/leg stretches and Raven catapultes Lisa into the opposite corner straight into the man’s boot!

A devastating set of three bodyslams by the mystery man looks like it could end things for Lisa but she fights on and, although the tag team dominates, its level at one fall to each side – both from pins.

A Boston crab submission grabs the winner but for which side? Scroll past the pics to find out who wins!

After the match, Johnny runs into the ring to help a battered and bruised Lisa but what is that stuffed into the back of his trunks – could it be a wrestling mask???

Loads of cheating and deceiving in this hugely entertaining match!


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As Raven full nelsons, the mystery man delivers a head to the belly
Lisa is thrown into a waiting boot in the corner
The masked man counts out as his partner pins – 1…2…

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Lisa wins by Boston Crab submission.