There’s a new heel in town and what better way for Roxxi to make her debut than in an Anything Goes challenge versus fan favourite, Lisa King.

“Bring the victim in” announces the cocky bad girl and its not long before she’s forced her opponent against the ropes raining down forearm blows.

But Lisa strikes back as she grabs a handful of Roxxi’s pink hair and headbutts her!

From this point, the debuting wrestler sees red and its a monumental beatdown, including: bodyslams; chokes; eye rakes; hairpulling; headbutts to mid-section; kicks; nails across back; sleepers and stomps.

Roxxi – who officially has the evilest laugh at – has multiple chances to pin Lisa but enjoys lifting her at the two count to continue her punishment.

Once the heel stomps and attacks her opponent’s fingers, the jobber escapes out the ring, only to be driven head first into a bench and corner post! Roxxi also delivers an devstating elbow drop across her belly.

Lisa is tossed back in the ring before the final submission – to an agonising STF.

Ladies and gents – fear ROXXI!

This match was written with the help of our followers on Twitter @pmixedwrestling – great work grapple fans!


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Roxxi in control
One of Roxxi’s many aborted pins
The evilest laugh in pro wrestling
Eyeing up the corner post
Roxxi destroys

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