An upbeat Johnny Hall calls Shelby Beach “a legend” but it does NOT win her over, as she aggresively trash talks from the start.

However, the pair agree if he can win just one fall against this great of Brit pro wrestling he will take the match.

The chances of Shelby allowing this to happen are zero, as she launches a brutal display of one sided wrestling against her opponent and its an agonising arm stretch with her knee planted in Johnny’s back that makes him tap out first.

The match also includes:

  • Armbar.
  • Body scissor.
  • Boston crab.
  • Crossbody pins.
  • Crossface.
  • DDT.
  • Facebuster.
  • Hammerlocks.
  • Lotus lock.
  • Snapmares.
  • Sleeper.
  • Stepover leg lock.

Shelby kicks, scratches, slaps and stomps her opponent to add to his misery before he is finally kicked out of the ring!

“A legend”, yes, and a one woman beatdown machine without a doubt!


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Lotus locked
Working over his arm
Laying back and enjoying another submission
Shelby’s favourite numbers are 1, 2 and 3!
Johnny gets crabbed

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