A confident, bicep flexing Axa Jay warns Lisa King their feud ends today when she kicks her ass – and she is true to her word!

Axa dominates from the start with an opening camel clutch submission within seconds and her punishment of Lisa’s back is relentless.

In all, we count four camel clutches, including fish hook and hairpulling, and another 4 full Boston crabs, a single leg and sharpshooter variant!

Lisa is trapped in a Japanese strangehold as she is stretched over Axa’s knees, there are a number of surfboards and an over the knee backbreaker.

The occassional stomp across the jobber’s back adds to the destruction.

There are other holds, like a full nelson, hammer and wrist locks, but back attacks are Axa’s focus as she finally dismisses her beaten opponent out of the ring.


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Lisa’s face says it all!
Axa’s back attack continues
Going surfing
Seated and locked on

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