Here is a devastating debut by British pro star Loxleigh.

From the opening minute, you can see where things are heading – Loxleigh marches in stone faced, in street clothes, focused on getting the job done while her opponent Lisa King, in old school leotard and pantyhose, turns on the pro wrestling glamour blowing a kiss to the camera.

An opening kick to Lisa’s belly by Loxleigh’s heavy biker boot takes her down and the beatdown is on!

Includes: bearhugs; belly claw and punches; corner squashes; forearm smashes; head into the canvas and turnbuckle; hip attacks and stinkface; leg drops; leg splitter; sleeperholds and stomps.

Loxleigh slams her full body weight across Lisa’s back – there’s a body splash and sit down drop across her opponent’s belly.

A final 1-2-3 puts Lisa out of her misery and with a swift kiss on the jobber’s cheek, our debuting powerhouse is done.

Yes ladies and gents, Loxleigh has arrived at Spectacularly.


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The call of the wild wrestler
Mismatched and in serious trouble
Using the ropes against the fan favourite
Front headlock misery

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