Amazon warrior, Loxleigh returns in this old school challenge set by the one and only Lisa King.

Cocky Lisa tells her opponent she’s so confident she can win the match within 10 minutes, she gives Loxleigh the first move.

Silly move, as a forearm smash to Lisa’s belly and another across her back takes her down, a bodyslam quickly follows and an early leghook 1-2-3.

If you’ve seen Loxleigh’s debut match, you’ll know this woman is a powerhouse inside the squared circle and she keeps up her brutal assault on Lisa.

The first submission comes from a long held bodyscissor with a few booty busting keister bumps thrown in for good measure!

Loxleigh has the size advantage and the speed as she snapmares Lisa, lands a boot across her back and – as the jobber catches her breath – fires a dropkick in her face.

A run of forearms across her chest sends Lisa bouncing into the ropes and back for more!

Also includes bodyslams, full Boston Crab, clothesline, corner squashes, knee locks, sit down drop and sleeperhold.

Lisa’s punished in reverse bearhugs but its an elevated crush that wins the final submission, as Loxleigh forces Lisa to conceed the match. Within ten minutes!


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Lisa is trapped
Loxleigh locks on a Boston crab
Forearm smashed!
Hugging it out
Not so cocky now!

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