Stand by for a classic Brit pro old school match out of Lisa King’s dreams, as she demolishes amazon Loxleigh!

The blonde enters first for this best of three match, all smiles, followed by a darker Miss King wrestling with a luchadora look in a black and silver mask.

Lisa immediately spots one of her opponent’s arms is protected by an elbow pad and she focuses on causing as much damage to it as possible.

Loxleigh sufferers multiple arm wringers, punishing elbow locks, a hammerlock/wristlock and knees driven across the elbow as the vicious heel tears off the pad to maximise the pain.

The blonde fights to prevent Lisa bending her arm into an excruciating submission hold, inspired by British TV wrestling in the 70s, but finally it clicks into place and there’s a desperate submission.

Round two sees Lisa continually weaken her opponent with a wringing side headlock and takedown, chops to the belly and chest, savage headbutts to the small of the back and postings.

But, the masked bad girl focuses on her opponent’s neck to try to win the second submission – Loxleigh’s head is yanked back in chinlocks, there’s a nerve pinch, knees are driven across the back of her neck and Lisa saws her forearm across it.

Submission attempts come from a chicken wing/crossface, standing reverse chinlock and the Gator hold!

Loxleigh is thrown to the canvas in frustration until the heel goes for broke applying a final submission hold – three times – the agonising Octopus Stretch.

This is a must watch for fans of classic female pro wrestling with zero trash talk, just the sounds of two wrestlers in one sided old school action!


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Lisa on the attack
Its Hammer (lock) Time!
Loxleigh reaching for the ropes
A torturous heel
Stretched out

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