“Ladies and gentlemen, its old school Tag Team Time again!

Introducing in the blue corner, the team of Axa Jay and Lisa King – they are THE WRESTLING BELLES.

And their opponents, in the red corner, Loxleigh and her partner Roxxi – they are THE DAMSELS OF DOOM.”


Lisa and Roxxi are first inside the ring in this one fall bout, as these ladies exchange holds in some impressive chain wrestling.

But, its Lisa who gets the first break through bringing down her opponent by a succession of rapid clotheslines and a forearm.

Loxleigh’s so disappointed in her partner, she refuses to tag as Axa enters the ring to continue for the Belles.

However, Roxxi fights back and takes the blonde down thanks to a belly punch and then she viciously stomps across her opponent’s middle.

The Damsels of Doom are back in this match and winded Axa Jay is in serious trouble.

She doesn’t stand a chance as she’s send head first into the heel’s corner where she suffers more belly punches and she’s butt slammed.

Loxleigh catapults Roxxi to deliver a corner avalanche and Roxxi returns the favour.

One holds Axa while the other delivers more belly blows, there are fast rabbit punches, leg splitters and a Rocking Cradle.

Loxleigh goes for a pin but Lisa, who has been noisly protesting throughout, storms into the ring and breaks it up, only to be thrown out by Roxxi and stomped.


Loxleigh seals the deal with not one, not two but three leg drops on Axa and its Roxxi who counts out the leghook 1-2-3 by her partner.

As the Bad Girls leave, calling their opponents “losers”, Lisa helps her injured partner out of the ring.


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Lisa in control of Roxxi
Roxxi is back in the match
Corner punishment by Loxleigh
Axa is stretched out
Jobber down!

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