Bad girl Roxxi returns in this rampage against fan favourite Raven!

The two wrestle an “I Quit” match but can experience and strength trump brutaility and dirty tactics?

Raven offers an open test of strength, her first mistake, as she’s painfully brought to her knees by a confident Roxxi.

A show of impressive chain wrestling follows as the resident strong woman is weakened by a full nelson, hammerlock, side headlock and wristlocks.

Then a glimmer of hope, as Raven locks on a Camel Clutch but she’s thrown off by her opponent who is now hell bent on causing as much damage as possible.

Raven’s head is sent crashing into the cavnas and turnbuckle, there are kicks and stomps and corner boot chokes.

Plus there are the torturous legit holds attempting to force Raven to quit – elevated bearhug, full Boston Crab, sleeperhold and full nelson/bodyscissor combo.


Eventually, Roxxi’s own Camel Clutch gives her victory as Raven, with a headful of matted and sweaty hair across her face, quits the match.

But, that’s not enough for the winner who flattens her opponent with a Bulldog before planting her boot across her chest for a 10 count pin.

Roxxi’s brutal old school beatdown is complete!


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The struggle is real
Roxxi’s crush
Locked on!
Weakened Raven
Roxxi in full control and she loves it









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