Two of our newest pro stars accept a barefoot mat wrestling style challenge in this grapple-a-thon!

Its still sold hard like a pro match, including more than a few dirty tactics and the wrestler with most submissions winning.

After some opening chain wrestling, powerful amazon Loxleigh takes down rock ‘n’ roll Roxxi and wins the first submission via an agonising armbar.

But the blonde in black soon equalises reversing a headlock take down into a tightly applied side headscissor.

Its back and forth, grunt n groan action as these two exchange body and thigh scissors adding illegal moves including belly attacks, a corner foot choke, eye rake and blows to the head.


Loxleigh eventually takes control, finding a favourite way to punish her opponent in forward and reverse thigh scissors combined with ankle locks.

But, its a long held sitting bodyscissor with disabling full nelson that wins the final submission and a 8-3 victory for this incredible amazon!


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Instant download 16 minutes and 09 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 475 MB

Roxxi locks on Loxleigh
Agony on the canvas
An amazon squashes
Headscissor punishment
The reverse thigh scissor and ankle lock in action

All content (c) 2019

Loxleigh and Roxxi are available for pro wrestling customs. Email for more details.

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