Two fan favourites square off for the first time for, as sensational Silver faces amazon bad girl Loxleigh.

The wrestlers prepare to lock up

Despite the size difference between these wrestlers, Silver holds her own, first to strike after the initial lock up with an agonising wrist lock which Loxleigh reverses into a crushing side headlock.

An impressive display of chain wrestling follows until a clothesline by the amazon changes the pace.

Each wrestler gets a roll up pin attempt and ruthless Loxleigh unleashes corner attacks, kicks to the back and stomps.

As the match continues each wrestler’s legs get targeted.

Silver ducks out of a corner avalanche by Loxleigh to attack her knee and applies a leglock/leg splitter combo. Its quickly followed up by a double toe leglock as Silver also traps her opponent’s arms to prevent her grabbing the ropes.

Angry Loxleigh leg drops her opponent and single leg Boston Crab submission attempts are followed by a devstating leg splash.


As the amazon goes in for a repeat leg splash, Silver quickly shifts away and her opponent crashes face first into the canvas.

It gives the wrestler in a two piece her big chance as she takes her opponent’s legs again and applies a long held and winning figure four leglock submission.


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Loxleigh is trapped
Silver is squashed
Loxleigh aims for a single leg Boston submission

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