For the first time Laken faces Loxleigh and its a special challenge match – the winner is the first to gain 3, 5 and 10 count pins!

The two lock up and Laken’s forced back into her corner to take vicious elbows to her face and a follow up corner avalanche.

Loxleigh’s power is overwhelming as she wears Laken down with a bodyslam, full nelson, sleeperhold, stomps and her tradework leg drops, as she crashes down not once but three times.

The bad girl’s boot is planted across her opponent’s chest for the 1-2-3. Loxleigh 1 – Laken nil.

The amazon continues to weaken Laken by focusing on her legs with painful double toe leglock and stepover toe holds as well as Boston Crabs.

But its a run of crushing bearhugs, elavated front and rear, that seal the deal for the second pin – a 5 count leghook. Laken now 2-nil down.


An exhausted Laken says she will continue, as Loxleigh tells her she will make her beg for the final pin.

Take downs by spear and sidewalk slam give the amazon her chance as Laken pleads for the pin but the amazon says she must speak louder!

Loxleigh unleashes another attack on her opponent’s legs until putting her out of her misery with the requested 10 count, delivered by back to belly leghook.


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Going for the legs
Crushed from behind
Loxleigh enjoys her work
Stretched out

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