Two of’s bitterest rivals, ring favourite Lisa King and shining starlet Silver come face to face in a new match with a twist.

This is an Iron Woman challenge with both women looking to win as many pins and submissions as possible before one of them can take no more and quits, announcing “I’m the loser!”


The pair immediately get to grips in an impressive display of chain wrestling and its clear this is going to be a hard fought match as both attempt early pins, Lisa through a converted armlock and Silver from a STF.

Lisa relies on dirty tactics to try to get ahead as she straddles her opponent and belly punches before a headbutt low blow but she can’t keep Silver down and its an armbar by the young wrestler that wins the first submission (and, its payback as she hold’s kept on after the initial tap out).

Lisa is pissed off and unleashes a run of nasty attacks including corner work, hairpulling and Silver’s trapped in the ropes as her face gets a mauling.

A STF, this time by Lisa, wins the second submission.

Still don’t rule out Silver who gives as good as she gets, launching fast and repeated stomps on Lisa and taking her down for a roll up pin attempt.


But Miss King is bad to bone sending her rival face first into a corner post, stinkfacing her rival and catapulting off the ropes to land a boot across her backside!

A crossbody 123 follows as a disorientated Silver attempts to continue but she’s dragged down as Lisa forces her to admit that she’s the loser!


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Armbarred into submission
Lisa attempts to rearrange Silver’s face
The heel’s in trouble
Working Silver’s leg
Anything goes

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