Download – Tag Team Time 6

Back together as tag partners, Johnny and Lisa confidentially discuss how they’ve been training hard until a frightening new tag team, The Russians wipe the smiles off their faces!

These masked heels dressed from head to toe in black – and reminding us of Loxleigh and Pippa L’Vinn 😉 – don’t even let the pair climb into the ring before they launch a pre-emptive attack.

After suffering corner belly punches Lisa is tossed out the ring allowing the bad girls to double team Johnny – one trapping him in a full nelson while the other punches his belly and low blows.

Johnny and Lisa don’t get a look in, with lots of double teaming and outside ring interference including headbutts, hip attacks, leg splitters, nails down the back and lots of low blows.

Lisa suffers the longest on-slaught, as the heels apply a double step over leglock, rolling her up for a potential pin but deciding to continue the punishment instead.


Johnny has had enough and storms the ring to save his partner but he is soon brought down under the boot one of the masked maulers, as the other delivers a devastating piledriver to Lisa.

The jobbers’ bodies are stacked up as The Russians enjoy a resounding but almost entirely illegal victory.


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Instant download 15 minutes and 03 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 443 MB

The dream team – Johnny and Lisa
The Russians!
The beatdown continues
Double teamed
Chaos as The Russians riot

All content (c) 2019-20

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