Who’s ready for a Great British ladies mismatch?

Amazon Loxleigh is almost a foot taller than little London plus there’s a 75 lbs weight difference.

The smaller wrestler claims she’s ready but within seconds she’s brought down to her knees in a test of strength and a very early but aborted schoolgirl pin.

As much as this match is about Loxleigh’s one sided power and domination, its also about London’s plucky, maybe misguided, resistance.

She kicks out of pin attempt after pin attempt, lots of leghooks and fold ups, even though it leads to even more punishment.

London gets squashed by corner avalanches and crushed in elevated front and reverse bearhugs.

There are illegal chokes and elbows to the face, plus Loxleigh straddles her opponent in and out of the ring to rain down belly punches before attempts at reverse matchbook pins.


When you look at the stats – 5 legdrops, 2 body splashes and a power drop by the amazon, the final result is inevitable, as she folds her opponent in two to win her 3 count.


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London in the clutches of Loxleigh
Loxleigh’s crush on London
Folded up
London in trouble

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