Once upon a time there was a giant – a fearsome 6’7″ grappler called Tyranus – and a jobber, named Aria who stood at just 5’2″.

This is the tale of two mismatched US pro wrestlers who each claim to have booked the ring for training and decide on a match to settle their argument.

This is a classic one sided contest with plenty of trash talk from the big man, as he ruthlessly works over his opponent.

Tyranus focuses mainly on Aria’s back – bending her across his knee and shoulder to the extent that you wonder what will come first  – a snap or a submission?

To add to her misery, the smaller wrestler – who doesn’t like heights – gets picked up, like a doll, and gorilla pressed numerous times.

This one ends happily ever after but not for Aria Blake!


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Mismatched wrestlers
Over the knee
Aria’s back bears the brunt of Tyranus’ attack
Aria in trouble
Giving her a lift

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