This is an epic exchange of double toe leglocks just like in ladies matches of the 70s and 80s – starring Brit pro star Lana Austin and fan favourite Eva.

No love is lost between these two Manchester based grapplers and Eva wastes no time tripping her opponent as she flies off the ropes and locking in the vintage style hold.

Lana’s legs are held tightly in place by Eva’s hands, leg and even her head as she works over her opponent.

As the minutes tick by, Lana shows her badly behaved side reaching to try to grab Eva’s hair as an escape (she’ll use this as an added weapon later).

Eventually Lana inches her way to grab one of the ropes; she is majorly pissed off and grabs her opponent legs taking her down and repaying the pain!

What follows is a double toed leglock and variations of it applied for an agonising 10 minutes.

Eva gets chinlocked, hairpulled and surfboarded while leg splashes and stomps weaken her even further and when she gets close to the ropes, her attacker just drags her back into the centre of the squared circle to continue.

Lana is in full control and loving it as she plays to the camera, smiling and sticking her tongue out.


Desperate for the winning submission, Lana lays across Eva’s back, her legs still held in place by one arm as she reaches round to apply a matching chinlock with the other arm.

Eva can’t take it any more as Lana victory poses and announces: “Not so big and smart now, are you?” and gives more stomps to the loser’s legs before leaving the ring.


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