We’re back with our first match post pandemic lockdowns!

Brutal ring legend Pippa L’Vinn warns shiny happy jobber Storm that she’ll wipe the smile off her face in this old school beatdown.

Their ring entrances say it all – Pippa, dressed in black street clothes, scowls while her opponent, head to toe in shimmery silver, blows a kiss!

Within seconds a surprise foot to the belly socks it to Storm and within minutes she’s kicked out of the ring, eye raked across the middle rope and thrown head first into the mat ringside.

Pippa’s onslaught includes forward and reverse bearhugs, belly claw, headbutts, kidney chops, leg drops, leg stretches, muffler stretch, nerve pinch and single leg crab.

This is a heel’s master class as the vet uses the corners and ropes throughout plus other dirty tactics such as belly punches, multiple low blows by head, forearm and foot and nails down the back!


A final body splash seals the deal for Pippa as she locks in a cross body pin for a resounding 1-2-3 win.


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