Two titans of Manchester’s pro wrestling scene clash as Lana Austin goes one on one with Pippa L’Vinn.

The wrestler with the most pins within the 15 minutes time limit wins.

Lana is fast to bring Pippa down and fold her up but she’s on the ropes.

She tries again but this time grabs a handful of Pippa’s leotard to secure her in place.

Not only does this piss off Pippa but all rules are out the window now and both ladies use this dirty tactic throughout for roll up pins.

And, Lana and Pippa rest their boots across the ropes for extra leverage to win their first 1-2-3s!

Lana is ahead 3-1 and desperate Pippa turns full on heel using the corners to shoulder charge her opponent’s mid-section, she headbutts, nerve pinches and unleashes chops to her kidneys.

Lana is picked up by her one piece and thrown into a corner and Pippa uses the ropes to lift her up and stand across her opponent’s stomach.

Many attempts to equalise come, including a spadle pin, but now aching Lana springs out at the 2 count.


The bell rings as jubulent but breathless Lana claims victory and calls Pippa “a loser”, as the heel threatens a rematch.


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