Here are two of Manchester’s finest wrestlers in a fiercely fought all submissions match.

Both Eva and Storm take full advantage of grappling barefoot as it gives them a tight lock on many scissor holds.

The action goes back and forth – Eva bares her teeth as she cranks up the pain of a crushing bodyscissor, winning the first submission.

But Storm counters and uses her opponent’s ponytail to help hold her in place.

There are leg stretches, an ab stretch, armbars, figure four headscissors and a standing headscissor.

“Gotcha” whispers Eva as she locks on a single leg Boston Crab, slowly sitting back and she traps her opponent in a spadle pin just for pure discomfort (Its a no pins match)!

Storm avenges an Indian Death Lock with a Lotus Lock winning another tap out.

If you’re a fan of non stop grunt and groan action down on the canvas, you can’t miss this one!


The match ends as it starts with a bodyscissor submission – this long held finisher by Storm zaps every inch of power from her opponent.

A final figure four headscissor seals the win but Eva’s already done as Storm enjoys a very well earned victory pose!


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