Here is an old school grunt ‘n’ groan epic as two of Manchester’s finest wrestlers return!

The last time these two were in the ring, Lana Austin punished Eva with non stop double toe leglocks.

Now they’re back – with no love lost between them – for this best out of 3 falls grudge match.

Eva clearly wants payback winning the opening lock up and illegally holding her opponent in the corner.

Lana escapes an armlock submission attempt by grabbing the ropes as her opponent breaks the hold with a parting stomp to the arm.

There’s some impressive chain wrestling and submission holds include an ab stretch, an agonising Indian Death Lock and single leg Boston Crab.

Its back and forth as Lana sends Eva headfirst into the turnbuckles but Eva replies with the first real chance of a tap out – a long held bodyscissor and keister bumps.

Lana could be in trouble but takes her opponent down; there’s a boot to the belly, a spadle pin annnd 1-2-3!!!

Eva fight back with an an over the knee backbreaker but its a reverse headscissors which wins her first fall by submission.

Both wrestlers are now facing exhaustion but they’re focused on winning!

There are many pins attempts from both wrestlers – crossbody, leghook and roll up – but neither wants to concede.


These breathless wrestlers won’t give up.

Eva tries an ab stretch into a pin. Kick out.

Lana goes for broke, locks on a full Boston and settles down across her opponent’s back, boots firmly planted to the canvas, so an escape to the ropes is impossible.

Eva holds out but eventually can’t take anymore and submits.


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