A tag team may have matching outfits, like fan favourites Raven and Storm, but leotards and tights don’t win matches!

We open up on these two ladies arguing over who’s fault is was that they just lost a big match.

“I was completely destroyed and stuck. You didn’t save me” explains the blonde.

But Raven says she’s her partner’s lost her fire and she’ll quit unless she can beat her in an immediate one on one match.

Storm accepts but this turns out to be a HUGE mistake.

Instantly she finds herself trapped in a standing headscissor and she is forced to tap out to escape.

Raven picks her up from the canvas by her hair and throws her into the corner, telling her to pull herself together.

But this match piles on the embarrassment for Storm trapped in body, Figure Four, reverse and side headscissors.

Raven plants her boots across her hair and stretches her arms out. Her arms also get stretched out while her legs are split at the same time (see the pic below).

And, all the time, while Storm is locked in a Full Nelson and side headlock, she gets a telling off from her partner who calls her “ridiculous”.


Struck in a final schoolgirl pin, Storm announces she’s done with wrestling.

Raven says that’s ok because she’s done with their partnership.

As she leaves the ring, Storm laying exhausted and aching on the canvas, calls out for her partner to return.

To be continued?


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