Once you read the title, need we say anymore?! Three of our most popular wrestlers star in this old school 2 vs 1 match up.

It was to be a tag match but Storm’s partner becomes unavailable; she agrees to continue but makes the mistake of shouting off her mouth and renaming her opponents’ team, “Bird Brain Bubble Butts” before the opening bell. It is ON!

Once Laken and Pippa L’Vinn have tagged, the rules say they have still a 10 count for one of them to leave the ring or they get disqualified.

They use and abuse this rule constantly double teaming their opponent including: double Boston Crab, bow and arrow/belly punch combo, double clothesline/axe blow and each taking a leg and pull a wishbone.

Laken locks on a Camel Clutch while Pippa eye rakes Storm and drives blows to her head.

But, as long as one tag team member is outside the ring, anything goes, so Storm is held from outside the ropes by one of them while the other wrestler headbutts her belly and Laken lifts her boot to the top of the corner post while Pippa sends the blonde on a collision course with it.

You get the gist – these two are nasty heels like in the old days!

You hear the ref making the ten count and also counting a lot of pin attempts along the way.

2 pins or one single submission win this one.


Its 1-1 when Storm rolls up Laken for a pin but the final bell rings at the exact same time as the 3 count.

The single wrestler believes she’s won but the tag team AND the ref say otherwise.

Its a draw as a pissed off Storm, well, storms out of the ring and the tag team look forward to a rematch!


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