A new British wrestler Lottie LaLay makes her debut for us but probably wishes she hadn’t as she faces brutal ring legend Pippa L’Vinn.

The rookie is talking up her chances and flexing pre-match but as stoney faced Pippa enters, shaking her head and cracking her knuckles any fan can see the blonde’s in trouble!

Lottie is chinlocked in the corner, punched in the head, low blowed and headbutted within the opening minute alone.

“Wrestling is a difficult job and you’re gonna be well trained” says Pippa as she attempts to justify the beatdown.

The dirty tactics are non-stop as Lottie’s blonde hair, chest and fingers get stood on; there are ab stretches, belly claws and a nasty Camel Clutch.

Pippa locks on a cross body pin but abandons it at the 2 count – keen to continue to teach her student a hard lesson! (Although she’s clearly already an outstanding seller!!!)

And when the final cross body 3 count comes, Lottie is thrown over Pippa’s shoulder as she’s told she’s going in the bin where she keeps the jobbers.

An epic one sided match, including slow mo replays, where the starry eyed newcomer meets the hardened veteran.


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