Old School Brit Pro Style Intergender & Women's Wrestling


Based in Manchester, UK – this is WELCOME!

We take the grit, grunt ‘n’ groan of old school Brit pro wrestling and the shiny glamour of US promotions such as GLOW and LPWA to make our own women’s and mixed matches. You’ll see heels and jobbers, pin falls, classic submissions and lots of spandex!

There are matches you can download instantly and you can even commission us to tape a custom match scripted by you.

Although we attempt to make content on this site PG rated, we believe our downloads are suitable for mature audiences only. We make this clear on our downloads page. We only sell customs to adults too.

Nobody gets hurt for real in the matches you see on this site. The bouts are staged purely for entertainment by wrestlers who know what they are doing. PLEASE DO NOT COPY WHAT YOU SEE. We take every step to make our wrestling as safe as possible.

And for the record, we do not condone real violence against men or women, or in fact any living creature! As someone once said, “pro wrestling is drama”. We hope you enjoy our dramas within the squared circle.

If you have questions about this site, you can email

Thank you for visiting us,


General Manager.

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