Customs – March 2018

Two popular wrestlers return to film your customs in March and they couldn’t be more mismatched! Here’s the low down…. BAREFOOT BELLE – Back after around 18 months away, this pocket rocket stands at just 4’11” in her barefeet but she warns her opponents that size doesn’t matter! In fact, she even brought down Toro […]

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Our Top Ten Matches of 2017

As we say goodbye to 2017, we shine a spotlight on the year’s most downloaded matches. We have compiled a top ten but before we start the countdown, here are some facts and figures: There are 3 mixed matches and 7 all female in the list. Lisa King is the wrestler who appears in the […]

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Four US Wrestlers On Our Wishlist

There are so many talented pro wrestlers in the US but here are four firmly on our radar who we’d love to film with. Allie Parker is already a fan favourite. The experienced and talented Vegas based grappler – with an inspirational personal story – has already agreed to work with us. Bring it on […]

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