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As pro wrestling fans we all have our dream matches and we can help you turn these into realities. You can plan your perfect bout and we’ll get in the ring and record it for you in a custom made video or photo set, either female vs female or mixed. It can be a singles contest, tag team or even 2 vs 1.


All the UK based male and female wrestlers you see on this site – including Axa Jay, Lisa King and Laken – are available for customs on an order by order basis. Most are either London or Manchester based. Email us for more details:

Axa fishhooks Lisa

We regularly organise shoots with 4-6 wrestlers present and publish details on this webpage and on our Twitter account. Follow us or keep checking for our next shooting date and talent roster.


We work with Florida pro wrestler Mila Naniki to arrange custom tapings in her local area. Mila has access to male and female talent, including her tag team partner Aria Blake (pictured together below), please email us for latest availablity:

If you’re interested in a custom with a wrestler not mentioned here, contact us and we can investigate availablity.


Let us know the wrestlers you’d like to star, the duration of the match, the types of holds, outfits and outcome. Send the details to We’ll let you know if the bout is possible and the cost. The cost will depend on the wrestlers involved and the complexity of what you want.


    • Strictly no adult/sexual content. We are all about pro style wrestling!
    • We will deliver your download within a maximum of 7 days after its taping.
    • Your custom match remains our property, protected under copyright. So, no unauthorised copying, exhibiting, selling or sharing in whole or in part is allowed (this includes images).
    • We reserve the right to sell your custom match on our site after you have received it.

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10 thoughts on “Customs

  1. Can i have match against Toro or Lord 1o1 best of 3 bouts pin fall then falls count any were and if needed make then tap match


  2. Can I have a 1o1 match between Laken and Allie Parker best of three falls and each pinfall the winning pin is a roll up with handful of the other wrestler’s tights?


    1. We’ve love to see Allie vs Laken too – we just need to get both of them on the same side of the Atlantic first lol.


      1. If not Allie Parker then Spice vs Laiken with the same outcomes I said before would be great too 🙂


  3. Any chance i can get a match where the winning fall is a roll up with a handful of tights while holding the ropes?


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