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Our downloadable pro wrestling bouts are ordered by date of release. The newest matches at the top. Click on each title for previews pictures, a video clip, how to buy and more details. If you encounter any technical problems, please email promixedwrestling@yahoo.com Thanks and enjoy!

VIPER’S DOMINANT DEBUT (Raven vs Viper) We never thought we would write this but strongwoman Raven has met her match! Vicious Viper makes her debut and her impressive mix of competitive grappling skills and pro wrestling moves overwhelm her opponent; and the trash talking new wrestler doesn’t let her forget it! £15. FROM DECEMBER 20TH, click here for preview pics and to buy.

ARIA & MILA IN WRESTLE ME NOW (Aria Blake vs Mila Naniki) These frenemies from the US indie scene return in an action packed one sided match. Aria locks Mila in a sleeperhold demanding a wrestle but her opponent reverses and the beatdown begins! Lots of dirty tactics mixed with legal holds and loads of entertaining banter. £10. Click here for preview pics and to buy.

AXA DESTROYS LISA (Axa Jay vs Lisa King) A follow up to Lisa Destroys Axa and the tables are turned! This is an old school beatdown with Lisa’s arms, back and legs worked over by an in form. Holds include bow and arrow, single leg Boston, figure four leglock and surfboard plus illegal low blows and stomps. £10. Click here for preview pics and to buy.

JET’S DEBUTS – VERSUS NIKKI It takes seconds for the new heel to wipe the smile off the face of her opponent. Backbreaking Boston crabs and a camel clutch take their toll on Nikki until an elevated bearhug forces her to submit. Jet shows zero respect throughout, controlling the blonde by her hair and finally planting a boot across her chest as she counts the 1-2-3. £5. Click here for previews and to buy.

JET’S DEBUTS – VERSUS ORSI B Debuting heel, Jet takes on Hungary’s Orsi B and proves she is a force to be reckoned with! “Call yourself a wrestler” taunts the amazon as she punishes her opponent with legit holds like the Boston crab and headscissors aswell as illegal belly punches and headbutts. It finally it takes one single finger to win the pin. £7. Click here for preview pics and to buy.

OLD SCHOOL 5 (Inferno vs Lisa King) These two appear well matched as they exchange headlock takedowns but Miss King’s dirty tactics mean she starts to dominate. The heel focuses on working her opponent’s barefeet while handstand headscissors by Inferno show off her agility. This is an old school face vs heel match with less trash talk and maximum action! £10. Click here for preview pics and to buy.

OLD SCHOOL 4 (Inferno vs Lisa King) Inspired by vintage British Saturday afternoon wrestling, this one sided match sees Inferno work over her opponent with long held holds. Favourites like the Boston crab and camel clutch are included but there are surprises too including crippling arm locks and an octopus stretch. £16. Click here for preview pics and to buy.

RAVEN VS REBEL: SCISSORED Two strong and fiercly competitive wrestlers face each other in an all scissors challenge. The action – with body, head and thigh scissors – goes back and forth until one grappler takes control. The exhausted loser can’t wrestle on any further and the victory is decisive! Has Raven met her match? £13. Click here for preview pics and to buy.

INTERNATIONAL CHALLENGE: ENGLAND VS HUNGARY (Orsi B vs Lisa King) Making her debut for us, Orsi B represents Hungary against England’s Lisa King. The visitor has a strong start, trapping King in an agonising arm bar but it only goes to fire up the Brit who turns full on heel! There are long held holds, little trash talk and lots of yanking to Orsi B’s ponytail! £13. Click here for previews and to buy.

NEVER UPSET INA BLACK (Belle vs Ina Black) Mismatched action as petite Belle faces the mighty powerhouse Ina Black. The smaller girl knows the importance of getting in the first attack and lands a boot in her opponent’s belly.  But, it only pisses off Ina who crushes Belle in body and headscissors, uses the corners and even the smaller’s girls hair to her advantage. £12. Click here for previews and to buy.

JORDYNNE VS MARIA – SCISSOR CHALLENGE These frenemies from the US return in a scissorhold submissions challenge. Jordynne Grace prefers bodyscissors, while Maria focuses on headscissors but which hold will prove most effective? Other moves are used to weaken the wrestlers. £13. Click here for previews and to buy.

JORDYNNE MUSCLES IN ON MARIA Jordynne Grace takes charge from the start in this match against rival muscular Maria, out to prove that she is the strongest. The grappler in green delivers piledrivers, a powerbomb and torture rack in this one sided demonstration of perfect power wrestling! £10. Click here for previews and to buy.

AXA’S BOSTON CRAB BEATDOWN (Axa Jay vs Vix EnNoir) British heel Vix wants to find out how many times she can make glamour girl Axa submit to the classic submission hold -the Boston crab! There are full and single leg Bostons, aswell as a sharpshooter and lots of other moves to bring pain to the blonde’s back. £10. Click here for previews and to buy.

REBEL ROUSER DOUBLE PACK (Toro The Bully/Lisa King vs Rebel) Not one but two debuts for Scottish wrestler Rebel and for one single price! First, the rookie takes on big, bad Toro whose dominance is helped by shocking refereeing by Lisa King. Then, Miss King gets into her leotard to face payback from a furious Rebel! £12. Click here for previews and to buy.

A POINT TO PROVE (Inferno vs Krusha) Two rivals form a new tag team but when Inferno starts to talk trash to her partner, Krusha has a point to prove! The dark haired muscle woman lifts Inferno slamming her into the corners, Boston crabs her and punishes her in a tree of woe! Is this the shortest lasting tag team in history?  £9. Click here for previews and to buy.

TWO GRAPPLING GALS (Laken vs Raven) For the first time these British wrestlers face off and its a grapple fest! They roll around the ring each locking the other into agonising leglocks, scissors and other holds including Boston crabs and camel clutches. Its exhausting, grunt ‘n’ groan action until a final long held submission! £10. Click here for previews and to buy.

GYMNAST VS POWERLIFTER (Inferno vs Krusha) This all scissors match sets out to prove who is strongest – gymnast, Inferno, or powerlifter, Krusha.  Its back and forth action with body, head and thigh scissors locked on, aswell as insults traded. Will flexiblity and wrestling experience beat determination and raw strength? £13. Click here for previews and to buy.

WHAM BAM SPANK YOU MAM! (Amanda vs Allie Parker) Its forfeit time, as these two US pro grapplers wrestle a loser gets spanked match! It doesn’t look good for Allie, as brutal Amanda rakes her eyes, slaps her face and yanks fistfuls of hair. Can the beaten down jobber fight back to take the win and get the ultimate revenge? £12. Click here for previews and to buy.

“I’M NOT CHEATING REF” 2 (Vix EnNoir vs Lisa King, refereed by Pippa L’Vinn) Lisa may act like an angel in front of ref Pippa but she has never wrestled dirtier! Vix’s pigtails are just too tempting for her opponent not to pull plus there is biting and lots of punching! £13. Click here for previews and to buy.

ALLIE PARKER: BAREFOOT AND BEATEN (Allie Parker vs Desi Derata) Jobber Allie sells her heart out! She turns up for a sparring match in barefeet as Desi accuses her of being unprepared and takes her apart in a surprise attack. Includes brutal belly claws and stomps and a textbook camel clutch. £7. Click here for previews and to buy.

SCISSORED BY A GIANTESS (Chloe Davis vs Lisa King) Lisa is 5’4″ but Chloe is 6’3″ and she proves herself to be a powerhouse wrestler in this debut for us. Its an all scissors clash and the smaller wrestler is in trouble from the very start. Chloe begins with a crushing bodyscissors before moving onto Lisa’s head! £14. Click here for previews and to buy.

OLD SCHOOL 3 (Killpussy vs Scorpion) Ring the bell for another of our classic old school contests, this time between two of London’s most popular grapplers. The grunt ‘n’ groan action goes back and forth between these two athletes who show off their high level of wrestling skills. A inescapable submission hold claims the final victory! £13. Click here for previews and to buy.

WHEN BEST FRIENDS FALL OUT (Aria Blake vs Mila Naniki) Mila can’t wrestle because of a bad knee and her best friend takes advantage. Aria floors her tag partner but revenge is swift and intense. The frienemies wear matching gear but Mila wants them to also have matching knee injuries and Aria is in trouble. £12. Click here for previews and to buy.

FOUR CORNERS CHALLENGE (Allie Parker vs Violet Payne, refereed by Desi Derata) The rule is simple – the winning wrestler must slam her opponent into each of the four corners consecutively. It gives Allie and Violet the chance to use the corners to punish each other with illegal chokes and kicks as Desi attempts to keep order. £12. Click here for previews and to buy.

MONICA THE HAIR PULLER (Monica Garcia vs Violet Payne) Two US wrestlers debut and one wants to pull her opponent’s hair out! Its not enough that Violet passes out to several holds but Monica wakes her with relentless attacks on her locks. A one sided match including multiple Boston Crabs and camel clutches. £15. Click here for previews and to buy.

JORDYNNE GRACE VS KELLY KLINE We see these two US stars in a ring surrounded by empty seats, as Jordynne says she can’t wait until that night’s show to wrestle Kelly! The women unleash big power moves and submission holds until a controversal climax to the match – one accusing the other of a cheating matchbook pin win. £12. Click here for previews and to buy. 

THE PUNK ROCK JOBBER (Brittany Blake vs Jordynne Grace) Popular US star Brittany suffers the debut from hell at the hands of Jordynne in this one sided squash. Holds like a dragon sleeper, single leg Boston crab and torture rack punish the punk rocker but its against the turnbuckles where she feels the pain the most! £9. Click here for previews and to buy.

JORDYNNE VS MARIA – LAST WOMAN STANDING Jordynne and Maria return and the rule is simple – whoever is still standing wins! Technical chain wrestling gives way to brawling and dirty tactics, with each of the women desperate for victory. One of the pair gets too cocky and it costs her the match! £12. Click here for previews and to buy.

THE AMAZON ATTACKS (Laken vs Lucrecia)  Brace yourself for the debut of amazon Lucrecia. At 6’00” tall and 213 lbs, she uses her size advantage to dominate Laken down on the ring canvas and up in the air, as she lifts her opponent to slam her into the corner post and locks her into a back breaking torture rack. Can Laken fight back? £13. Click here for previews and to buy.

“I’M NOT CHEATING REF!” (Laken vs Lisa King w/ Monica) Focusing on a cheating old school hold, each wrestler straddles and headscissors the other, trying to hide illegal chokes from the ref, Monica. The contest has a vintage feel with Laken and Lisa frisked before the bell and plenty of “Ask her ref” moments. £13. Click here for previews and to buy.

SCISSORED SPICE (Raven vs Spice) Its all submissions by scissors in this clash between strongwoman Raven and ring rookie Spice. The action frantically goes to and fro until Raven takes control and dominates. The focus is on figure four headscissors and bodyscissors, as the newcomer is ordered to “submit like you mean it”. £13. Click here for previews and to buy.

JORDYNNE VS PENELOPE: THE BAREFOOT DESTROYER (Penelope Ford vs Jordynne Grace) Jordynne Grace uses her incredible power to overwhelm her debuting opponent. There are piledrivers and torture racks plus a suspended supplex! Repeated ankle locks take advantage of the wrestlers being barefoot. £12. Click here for previews and to buy.

LISA DESTROYS INA (Ina Black vs Lisa King) Lisa hates Ina and this match gives her the chance to vent this. Ina hasn’t even got her T-shirt off before her opponent viciously attacks. Not only is this a one sided demolition but Lisa uses an A to Z of dirty tactics from bites to eye/stomach rakes and from a low blow to a stinkface. £14. Click here for previews and to buy.

BAD TEACHER (Lisa King vs Spice) Lisa is the teacher from hell, using rookie Spice as a kind of pro wrestling crash test dummy applying submission hold after submission hold. Each time the newcomer taps out, the teacher keeps her locked up in pain! 24 minutes of action at £17. Click here for previews and to buy. (Photo set also available.)

ALLIE PARKER: OUTNUMBERED (Allie Parker w/ Mila Naniki vs Aria Blake & Barrington Hughes) Its meant to be an intergender tag match until Mila shows up injured, then its Allie in 2 vs 1 action.  The pair take our jobber apart – Hughes is a powerhouse and vicious Blake enjoys locking Allie in agonising submission holds.  £10. Click here for previews and to buy.

INA BLACK VS LAKEN European grappling star Ina Black makes her debut for us and shows why she’s regarded as a wrestling powerhouse. We line up Laken for a warm up match but Ina destroys her with her grappling skills. Fans of body and head scissor holds won’t be disappointed. £16. Click here for previews and to buy.


JORDYNNE VS MARIA – THE REMATCH We welcome back these two indie wrestlers from America. One submission and a ten count pin will decide the winner. The action is non stop with tap out attempts, dirty tactics and lots of different pins. Highly recommended. £12. Click here for previews and to buy.

FLEXIBLE FOES (Inferno vs Laken) British wrestler Inferno is a gymnast and her opponent Laken is a dancer. With this in mind, the grapplers set out to see just how flexible each other are, bending and twisting their bodies to try to force the other to submission. £13. Click here for previews and to buy.

BEWARE OF THE BOOTY MONSTER (Mila Naniki vs Santana) What starts off as a training match quickly turns into a one sided squash, as Mila – The Booty Monster – sets out to show Santana who is the best wrestler. “You’re only famous coz your hot” says the attacking wrestler as she shows off her submission holds. £9. Click here for previews and to buy.

edit3AMETHYST’S FIRST TIME (Amethyst Hammerfist vs Lisa King) London submission grappler, Amethyst Hammerfist makes her pro wrestling debut against the one and only Lisa King. The experienced pro doesn’t give the newcomer an easy ride and the punk rookie is all fired up for a fight. Awesome to and fro action. Click here for previews and to buy. £14.

jordynne1JORDYNNE VS MARIA Two of American indie wrestlers clash in old school action. Jordynne has the power to win but Maria happily ignores the rules to overwhelm her opponent. Packed with classic holds and trash talk until a devastating piledriver decides the winner. £15 includes 33 photos. Click here for previews and to buy.

CLASH OF THE HELLCATS (Laken vs Lisa King) Both wrestlers are dressed in leopard print gear and both wrestlers attempt to savage the other, hence the title of this match! Non-stop action, as cheating Lisa gets first advantage but Laken strikes back, giving her a taste of her own medicine. £14.49 Click here for previews and to buy. (Photo set also available.)

edit-7LISA DESTROYS AXA (Axa Jay vs Lisa King) Lisa King is a one woman wrecking machine in this brutal one sided match vs Axa Jay.  She has a point to prove and corner attacks, chokes on the ropes and even takes a bite of her opponent. Thought Lisa is always a jobber? This match will make you think again! £12 Click here for previews and to buy.

SUBMISSION HOLDS CHALLENGE (Hope vs Portia Poison) Hope wouldn’t look out of place on a catwalk but she’s back in the ring with aspiring heel, Portia Poison. In this contest, the trainee wrestlers apply classic submission holds on each other. The grappler who lasts longest before submitting is the winner. £8 Click here for previews and to buy.

AXA’S DOUBLE DEAL (Axa Jay & Toro The Bully vs Lisa King) Axa agrees to partner with Lisa versus Toro, until the big man shows up as she’s lacing up her boots with a wedge of cash! The beauty and the beast double team the double crossed Miss King, often using dirty holds such as corner squash / stinkface combos. £11 Click here for previews and to buy.

edit1MAXIMUM SUBMISSIONS 3 (Brooke Blonde vs Raven) The rule is simple, get more submissions than your opponent to win, as Brooke and Raven wrestle to come out on top. Only leg locks and scissor holds are allowed in this furious battle that lurches towards becoming a no holds barred catfight at times. £13 Click here for previews and to buy.

JORDAN E VS LISA KING We’re proud to present our debut all female contest – a Brit pro match between bad girl Jordan E and fan favourite Lisa King. Both wrestlers are determined to become our first ever ladies winner, with many punishing submission holds applied. £12.99 Click here for previews and to buy.


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