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Mixed Wrestling Downloads

Our downloadable pro wrestling bouts are ordered by date of release. The newest matches at the top. Click on each title for previews pictures, a video clip, how to buy and more details. If you encounter any technical problems, please email Thanks and enjoy!

TAG TEAMS: JOHNNY & LISA VS RUSSIANS Hell comes dressed in black spandex as two masked heels, known as The Russians – but reminding us of Loxleigh and Pippa L’Vinn – attack their opponents before they even climb into the ring. There is non stop double teaming, outside ring interference and illegal moves, like eyes dragged across the ropes, headbuts and lots of low blows.  Jobbers – be afraid! £13. Click here for previews and to buy.

TAG TEAMS: JOHNNY & LISA VS LOXLEIGH & PIPPA British amazon Loxleigh and ring veteran Pippa L’Vinn make a formidable tag team in this intergender clash. Johnny starts versus Loxleigh as they exchange technical holds but it all changes once Pippa’s in against Lisa and the wrestling gets dirty – belly punches, low blows and double teaming keep the jobber trapped inside the squared circle as these heels enjoy taking her apart. Even when Johnny tags back in, he’s sensationally dismissed over the top rope! A tag team epic. £13. Click here for previews and to buy.

OLD SCHOOL 9 (Shelby Beach vs Johnny Hall) This is an intergender Brit pro beatdown as the wrestlers agree that if he wins just one fall against his legendary opponent, he will take the match. He has zero chance as Shelby attacks! Includes loads of pro holds and dirty tactics, as Johnny is pinned and taps out again and again until he is finally kicked out the ring. £9. Click here for previews and to buy.

2 VS 1 – JOHNNY BETRAYS LISA (Mystery man/Raven vs Lisa King) Its tag team title time but Lisa’s partner Johnny Hall is a no show and this becomes an intergender 2 vs 1 match. An unknown masked man partners with Raven and these two fast tag and double team throughout, focusing on attacks to their opponent’s mid-section. Against all odds, its one fall each side but which will win? And, what really happened to Johnny??? £12. Click here for previews and to buy.

RAVEN VS TORO Intergender action returns with two popular wrestlers! Powerful Raven wins an opening test of strength and headscissors Toro but he works over her arm and wins a first pin attempt. The two exchange boots to the belly and the masked heel focuses on attacking his opponent’s mid section. He takes charges but she won’t give up despite the beatdown. Can Raven turn this round? £13. Click here for preview pics and to buy.

LISA DESTROYS JOHNNY (Johnny Hall vs Lisa King) Lisa’s dream becomes Johnny’s nightmare as she pays back a number of defeats with a blockbuster beatdown! Its submission after submission as legit pro holds such as Boston Crabs, figure four leglock and STF crossface mix with dirty tactics like belly punches and a low blow headbutt. £9. Click here for preview pics and to buy.

2 VS 1 ILLEGAL TAGS (Johnny Hall & Lisa King vs Axa Jay) This is an epic as enemies Johnny and Lisa come together to tag against glamourous Axa. Filmed from the referee’s point of view, as soon as one wrestler tags in the other, they brutally double team right up until the ref counts 9! Illegal action include a double Boston Crab, legsplitter and a devilish Tree of Woe punishing Axa’s bare ankles. £13. Click here for preview pics and to buy.

EDDIE VS MILA US pro star Mila Naniki returns in another brawling blockbuster. The kicks, fists and slaps go back and forth but things get particularly fierce outside the ring with each wrestler using weapons against the other. Hard hitting non stop intergender action! £10. Click here for preview pics and to buy.

RAVEN IN CHARGE (Johnny Hall vs Raven) Two of our most dominant wrestlers face each other for the first time. Its clear from the opening exchange that Raven means business and her actions match her tough words. Johnny taps out within the opening minute of this one sided demolition by the strong woman who calls him a wimp! £9. Click here for previews and to buy.

BODYSLAMMIN’ WITH JOHNNY (Johnny Hall vs Lisa King) These rivals meet to decide a bodyslam championship. No sooner has Johnny offered his opponent a free first move he has scooped her up and started his grand slam! Lisa’s back gets dropkicked and even suffers a flying attack, as Johnny launches from the middle rope! £9. Click here for previews and to buy.

TYRANUS VS CRYSTAL WHITE: THE REMATCH US pro star Crystal returns to the ring to face Tyranus in this special rematch. The 6’7″ giant takes his opponent down before the bell has even rung and he dominates throughout with legal and illegal moves including a bulldog, low blows and legdrops. £9. Click here for previews and to buy.

TYRANUS VS CRYSTAL WHITE Legendary womens star Crystal warns giant Tyranus that she’s wearing her ass kicking outfit but she’s the one who gets her backside landed to her! Lots of legit moves, including an incredible powerbomb, mix with illegal tactics to give the big man a decisive, one sided win. £9. Click here for previews and to buy.

JOEY VS MILA  Joey tells Mila Naniki that she belongs in a kitchen and not a wrestling ring. But his attempt to wind her up backfires big time, as Mila proves what a powerful wrestler she is. There is hardcore brawling in this mixed match pitting not only male against female but the US (Mila) versus the UK (Joey). £15. Click here for previews and to buy.

MILA VS MITCH Mila Naniki returns in a bitter and brutal intergender clash. Referee Miss Hannah is kept busy as Mitch uses dirty moves to keep Mila down but the Booty Monster hits back and boy does she hit back!!! After a while, Mitch is begging for Mila to back off, as no hold is barred. £16. Click here for previews and to buy.

A-BOMB VS ARIA (A-Bomb vs Aria Blake) A follow up to our earlier match Booty and the Beast but this time its the turn of US indie sweetheart Aria Blake to face mountainous A-Bomb. She takes charge from the start, attacking and teasing the big man but he eventually gets his crushing revenge. And crushing is the right word! £9. Click here for previews and to buy.

ALLIE PARKER: OUTNUMBERED (Allie Parker w/ Mila Naniki vs Aria Blake & Barrington Hughes) Its meant to be an intergender tag match until Mila shows up injured, then its Allie in 2 vs 1 action.  The pair take our jobber apart – Hughes is a powerhouse and vicious Blake enjoys locking Allie in agonising submission holds.  £10. Click here for previews and to buy.

BOOTY AND THE BEAST (A-Bomb vs Mila Naniki) Here’s US indie starlet Mila Naniki – the Booty Monster – in mixed action. Her opponent, the huge A-Bomb! Mila’s wrestling ability and speed stop this mismatch from being an all out squash, as she banazi drops and sleepers the big man but his strength cannot be denied! £9. Click here for previews and to buy.

JOHNNY VS LISA – THE REMATCH (Johnny Hall vs Lisa King) In the second encounter between these two, Hall is determined to win and relentlessly works over his opponent. Infact, he proves himself to be every bit as brutal as our super heavyweight men, wrestling dirty to subdue Lisa King. £12 Click here for previews and to buy.

TAG TEAMS: SUBMISSION SISTERS VS BULLIES R US Brooke Blonde and Jordan E take on the might of Lord Tyrant and Toro in our second tag match.  Can The Submission Sisters live up to their name and overpower cheating super heavyweights Lord Tyrant and Toro to get the two tap outs needed to win? £13 Click here for previews and to buy.

JOHNNY HALL VS LISA KING Johnny is a debuting wrestler who takes on fan favourite Lisa King in this highly competitive bout. Both contenders are talented grapplers who resort to brawling and using the corners and ropes against each other to gain the advantage. 2 pins or 2 submissions decide the winner. £12 Click here for previews and to buy.

bullybasher3RAVEN – THE BULLY BASHER (Raven vs Toro The Bully) This starts with classic to and fro action as the wrestlers struggle for power until Raven takes control. Trained by a British ring legend, she shows off her wrestling ability, punishing Toro The Bully. £8.49 Click here for previews and to buy.

TAG TEAMS: LEAGUE OF BLONDES VS BULLIES R US The blondes at 238 lbs take on the bullies at 603 lbs! The masked maulers, Lord Tyrant and Toro ignore ref Raven to double team their opponents, Lisa King and London but this is a match which at times looks like either side can win. Classic tag team wrestling! £12.99 Click here for previews and to buy.

STARR VS TYRANT: THE REMATCH (Susie Starr vs Lord Tyrant) “Sensational” Susie picks up where she left off in their earlier contest, as she dominates super heavyweight Tyrant. Posing to the camera – she’s loving it but can his Lordship find the breakthrough to wipe the smile off her face? £9 Click here for previews and to buy.

THREE WAY WIN (Lord Tyrant vs Susie Starr) “Sensational” Susie out heels heavyweight Tyrant in this contest. The winner must achieve one fall AND one submission AND one knockout.  Starr goes all out to win, wearing her opponent down with cheating moves, including her infamous stinkface. £8.49 Click here for previews and to buy.

The Stinkface!

OLD SCHOOL 2 (Susie Starr vs Toro The Bully, featuring referee Pippa L’Vinn) Glamorous bad girl Susie Starr takes on Toro in this old school multi-round bout. British wrestling legend Pippa has a tough job controlling these two heels who fight dirty throughout the match. £12. Click here for previews and to buy.

MAXIMUM BOSTON CRABS (Lisa King vs Toro The Bully) The winner is the first wrestler who gets four submissions by one of pro wrestling’s most famous holds – the Boston Crab. Both Lisa and Toro feel the pain and the strain but who will be crowned the Boston Crab King or Queen? £12.99 Click here for previews and to buy.

6-editFULLY ARMED (Gail Jillette vs Lord Tyrant) Brit pro wrestler Gail returns to face a super sized challenge in Tyrant. Her plan is to focus on one part of his body – his arm in this David and Goliath style match up. Soon the masked man regrets accepting the bout versus this much smaller but skilled competitor. £9. Click here for previews and to buy.

Ropes - Toro's best friend

OLD SCHOOL (Gail Jillette vs Toro The Bully) Seconds away for a special intergender match fought in the style of Saturday afternoon TV wrestling. British pro grappler Gail Jillette and Toro The Bully each have strong rounds but which wrestler will reign supreme? Almost 18 minutes long at £11.99. Click here for previews and to buy.

TARGET: LISA’S LEG (Lisa King vs Toro The Bully) Lisa steps into the ring against Toro with her knee strapped up following an earlier injury. This is like a red flag to the bull(y) who targets his opponent’s knee and leg from the first ring of the bell. £7. Click here for previews and to buy.

Arm barred

LISA AND THE GOLIATH (Lisa King vs Lord Tyrant) 130 lbs Lisa takes on a man mountain more than twice her weight. But, a particular fairytale teaches us that size doesn’t always matter, as the glamourous Miss King summons the strength to bring down her super heavyweight opponent. £9. Click here for previews and to buy.

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