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POV Downloads

POV stands for Point of View. In these videos, you see wrestlers as though you are their opponent in the ring!

Our downloadable pro wrestling bouts are ordered by date of release. The newest matches at the top. Click on each title for previews pictures, a video clip, how to buy and more details. If you encounter any technical problems, please email Thanks and enjoy!

YOU WRESTLE AXA In our latest pro style POV match, you take on British glamour girl, Axa Jay. You launch a surprise attack as the wrestler is warming up and punish her with belly punches, low blows and stomps. But, its not long before Axa strikes back and she enjoys working you over painfully on the canvas. £10. Click here for previews and to buy.

LAKEN SQUASHES YOU In our second pro style POV match, its popular London grappler Laken who takes you on. You are beat down in all four corners of the ring with moves including dirty belly punches and stinkfaces. You survive a crushing reverse headscissor but you are helpless as you get schoolgirl pinned into defeat. £10. Click here for previews and to buy.

YOU WRESTLE LISA (Lisa King vs YOU!) This is the British fan favourite’s first ever pro wrestling POV match. Experience what it would be like to face Lisa in an intergender clash. She is the heel as you suffer illegal moves including boot chokes and low blows. Will you submit to her crushing headscissors? £10. Click here for previews and to buy.

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