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Photo sets

Our downloadable pro wrestling photo sets are ordered by date of release. The newest matches at the top. If you encounter any technical problems, please email Thanks and enjoy!

BAD TEACHER (Lisa King vs Spice) Lisa is the teacher from hell, using rookie Spice as a kind of pro wrestling crash test dummy applying submission hold after submission hold. Each time the newcomer taps out, the teacher keeps her locked up in pain! Click here for previews and to buy. (Video also available.)

CLASH OF THE HELLCATS (Laken vs Lisa King) Both wrestlers are dressed in leopard print gear and both wrestlers attempt to savage the other, hence the title of this match! Non-stop action, as cheating Lisa gets first advantage but Laken strikes back, giving her a taste of her own medicine. Click here for previews and to buy. (Video also available.)

AXA VS LISA – TOMBSTONES (Axa Jay vs Lisa King) In this set of 32 photos, Axa and Lisa perform this classic finisher on each other, kneeled and seated. The hold is applied in the ring and on the mat with the wrestlers in old school pro gear. Click here to see sample images and to buy.

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