Download – Wham Bam Spank You Mam

Allie Parker always loses spanking matches! That’s what Amanda’s heard and so she challenges Allie to one of these forfeit contests – loser gets spanked. Get ready for some vicious one sided wrestling as Amanda unleashes forearms and slaps to Allie’s face, her eyes are raked against the ropes, her nostrils are yanked and she’s […]

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Download – Meet Miss Low Blow

Allie Parker returns to in a one on one mixed beatdown against a wrestler called Tommy Lucha. The masked man has a nickname for her, Miss Low Blow and we quickly find out why as she unleashes a barrage of below the belt attacks. He is hit down below by her arm, across her […]

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Previewing New US Action

We have posted on our Instagram account, the first images from 5 new female wrestling matches starring some of the hottest indie talents in the US. Click the arrows at either side of the pictures to move forwards or backwards through the slide show. Make sure you’re following us on Instagram to get our clips […]

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Four US Wrestlers On Our Wishlist

There are so many talented pro wrestlers in the US but here are four firmly on our radar who we’d love to film with. Allie Parker is already a fan favourite. The experienced and talented Vegas based grappler – with an inspirational personal story – has already agreed to work with us. Bring it on […]

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