Download – Inferno vs London

Here’s a first time match up as the rule breaking Inferno faces pocket rocket London. The size difference between these two is clear from the opening lock up – the blonde is barly 5’00”, while her opponent measures in at 5’8″! Inferno – who’s a classic British bad girl, calmly and coldly taunting and trash talking […]

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Customs – March 2018

Two popular wrestlers return to film your customs in March and they couldn’t be more mismatched! Here’s the low down…. BAREFOOT BELLE – Back after around 18 months away, this pocket rocket stands at just 4’11” in her barefeet but she warns her opponents that size doesn’t matter! In fact, she even brought down Toro […]

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Reviewing 2016

2016 was our first full year of wrestling action! Matches featured in this compilation: Old School 2, The Mismatch, Wrestling To The Maxx and Tag Team Time Where to start in reviewing the year in more detail? Well, A is for Axa and Axa Jay made her debut for us partnering with Toro vs the […]

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Previewing July’s Downloads

This is Toro writing with a preview and a thank you for visiting because July is our first anniversary. More about this in a second! We mark our birthday with two big matches to download – a new chapter in the Squashing Lisa King series and Barefoot Belle turns from the destroyed to the […]

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Download – The Mismatch

The tale of the tape cannot lie – 4’11” flyweight Barefoot Belle vs 6’2″ super heavyweight Lord Tyrant. THIS is the ultimate mismatch! There could not be a bigger challenge for brave Belle in her first singles match for us and of course Tyrant knows it. He toys with the rookie, inviting her to attack […]

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Previewing More June Downloads

We’re releasing another two matches this month! The first is Raven’s wrestling debut for us.  The contest starts as a struggle between the black haired bruiser – trained by the legendary Pippa L’Vinn – and her opponent Toro but she quickly grows in confidence to overpower him. Hence the title of this one – Raven […]

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Download – Tag Team Time

Ladies and gentlemen, its tag team time – The League of Extraordinary Blondes vs Bullies R Us! Yup, the beauties face the beasts in our first ever tag match, as Barefoot Belle and Lisa King – both wrestling without boots – take on Lord Tyrant and Toro who’re more than twice the women’s weight. Attempting […]

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